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Window shopping for writers

I’m not alone in liking stuff. I mean the kind of stuff we don't need, but many of us have a tickly little yen for anyway. Through the power of social media, I have come to learn of a new category of stuff for me to covet – the doodads they make especially for writers. Sometimes I doubt I’m writer enough to ogle them. Yes, I do writing. But, based on popular tweets, I am disqualified: I do not drink coffee (makes me jibber), I’m not an introvert (though I’m good at social anxiety), and I do not know which Hogwarts House I belong to. Luckily, Etsy doesn't know any of that. On most big sites, the stash can be found under ‘gifts for writers’. Gifts because the cool writers are supposed to be sk

Campaign for Forgotten Words

I feel sorry for words we don’t use any more. I imagine them mooching about in a linguistic side room, which is silent and monotone, waiting to be written or uttered. Elizabethan insults, empire-building idiom, eighties buzzwords are all stuck in their together, perhaps avoiding i contact. Today I thought I’d knock on the door, invite a few of those forgotten words out for a stroll. My New English Dictionary was printed in 1932. It declares itself the ‘Passing Show’ Edition, but doesn’t explain what that means. Mr Google suggests that the Passing Show was a revue, a magazine and cigarettes, but please feel free to make up your own explanation from scratch. This ‘compendius dictionary of hand

Story hunting

While waking yesterday morning, I decided to find as many starting points for new stories as I could by the end of the day. I wanted to disrupt that February feeling, to see more than the dreary light and discouraging weather. I wanted to be attentive, playful. And there are few things in life I find more motivating than the construction of a list. Obviously, I had to make up some rules too. The writing ideas must come from things I read, saw, heard, experienced that day. There would be no fishing about in thoughts already floating. My notebooks would not be raided. Here, finally, was a convincing reason to leave the flat. The Outside World was not trying especially hard to be interesting, b

Photographic writing

‘For me photography is to place head, heart and eye along the same line of sight.’ Henri Cartier-Bresson ‘I’m not going to photograph a squirrel unless that squirrel is playing the banjo, and only then if he’s playing it especially well.’ Tony Gaitskell There are differences between photography and writing: rainy days don’t suit photography as well as they do writing, and writing doesn't involve lugging awkwardly shaped objects about. But, I've been watching a photographer, and learning stuff from him which will make my writing better: Show something unexpected. Watch always for the weird or resonant, be in the places where they might be found. Climb into a ditch if that’s where it is. Play


Reading, writing and smiling

I live in Sussex by the sea, writing stories and novels which are speculative, historical and literary. I blog and tweet about inspiration, happy writing and delicious words. My goal is to share a little everyday magic.


You can find my work in the NonBinary Review, Write Like You're AliveTrue Tales from the Old Hill , Hysteria 6, Everyday Epics, Stories for Homes, and Every Day Fiction.

There are also some tiny fictions on this site which I hope you enjoy.

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