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Colour names

Adding the rainbow to your writing In the beginning, there was only light and dark. Then we named red. We got along fine without a name for blue until the Dark Ages, when we laid the foundations of 11 basic colour terms: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, grey, black and white. It was the Victorians who went bonkers for inventing colours. We’ve never gotten over it. ‘Let me, O let me bathe my soul in colours; let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow.’ Khalil Gibran I’ve been collecting dictionary-defined colour names for a couple of weeks. There are two kinds: abstract names, like magenta, which is what it is, and descriptive names relating to an object of the rele

Everyday inspiration - starlings

Yesterday, a roost of starlings rose as we passed, became a murmuration. Circling us, a metre from our upturned faces and awkward pirouettes, a hundred starlings swooped, dived, rose as one, looped to return to the branches, giggling for a moment, took flight again, a shining cloud, a jade and violet twist, a dizzying question mark, before leaving us for the rooftops. I grew up with the impression that starlings were common, rowdy types not to be admired. Not, I think, for their name vulgaris, but because they once formed huge flocks in cities like Liverpool, where my family comes from, making not only a noise, but a mess. But, stop and listen to their chatter, to their electronic clicks and


Reading, writing and smiling

I live in Sussex by the sea, writing stories and novels which are speculative, historical and literary. I blog and tweet about inspiration, happy writing and delicious words. My goal is to share a little everyday magic.


You can find my work in the NonBinary Review, Write Like You're AliveTrue Tales from the Old Hill , Hysteria 6, Everyday Epics, Stories for Homes, and Every Day Fiction.

There are also some tiny fictions on this site which I hope you enjoy.

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My book reviews are over on Goodreads. I'm always delighted to receive requests from authors. If your book appeals to me I'll buy it, read it and review it. I'd love to hear from you.

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