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Inspired by 'Time and Space'

Part one: the reader You’re in London, 1952. The Great Smog has been on the city for days. You’re sick of not being able to see your feet, of the soot and sulphur on your skin and in your lungs. Cows are keeling over in Smithfields. And you’re sick of the cold, not to mention the rationing. All you want is a bit of distraction. But the cinema’s closed because the smog creeps in, and there’s only old Auntie Beeb on the wireless. Down in the The Underground, from a newsstand, you buy your escape. The colours of Time and Space gleam like the future. Rand Le Page, it says on the cover, the French Master of Science Fiction. It is in capitals so it must be TRUE. There’s a machine, glossy and elect

46 words to savour (and why they're so tasty)

Gosh, how I love words. My favourites are delicious to whisper, or yummy to shout. Using them makes me feel happy. Today there are 46 of them (listed below for your delectation), tomorrow there'll probably be more. I wondered why these particular words seem special to me. Then I worried whether the magic would be lost if I saw its workings. Then I asked Mr Google anyway. Phew. All he told me was some new words with lovely ideas inside them. (There was plenty of jargon too, but I spat that stuff out). Beyond the cellar door Some words and phrases are just easy on the ear. They’re mellifluous, from the latin for flowing honey, meaning sweet sounding or musical. Or, they’re euphonious, sounding


Reading, writing and smiling

I live in Sussex by the sea, writing stories and novels which are speculative, historical and literary. I blog and tweet about inspiration, happy writing and delicious words. My goal is to share a little everyday magic.


You can find my work in the NonBinary Review, Write Like You're AliveTrue Tales from the Old Hill , Hysteria 6, Everyday Epics, Stories for Homes, and Every Day Fiction.

There are also some tiny fictions on this site which I hope you enjoy.

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