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Ten words until fairy lights

Here’s my pre-advent advent calendar of words to distract me from late Novemberishness.

I'll attempt to use each day’s word on that day, as casually as possible, and certainly without offending anybody.

I found them inside an old dictionary, which is a smashing place to spend an hour on a Sunday afternoon.

Oh, and today's word? Bizarrerie - a strange or eccentric thing.

Hope you enjoy them, maybe give them a try, or play along with your own words of the day.

22nd domdaniel - a fictional cavernous hall at the bottom of the ocean where magicians, spirits, and gnomes meet

23rd hesternal – of yesterday

24th opsimath, one who gains education late in life

25th pabulum – food or nourishment of a physical, mental or spiritual kind

26th quodlibetarian - one who discusses any subject at pleasure

27th rumgumption – common sense

28th slammerkin – an untidy woman

29th tittup – to behave in a lively manner

30th wirrycow – a hobgoblin or bogy


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