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Goal number 2 is balloons

Me: Gonzo, hooray, you’re back!

Gonzo (my creative mind): I was right here all along, like always. It was you that went on holidays. Where are my presents pleasethankyou?

Me: Erm. Hopping over skies reflected on a beach. A storm smack in the face through a cracked open door. A giant pointing her sword at the daytime moon. The many, many varieties of bingo.

G: Oooooh! What else?

Sniffy Neg (my inner critic): Allow me to enlighten you, as I was on board, as always. Her notebooks were entirely ornamental. The laptop became a charger. Shouldn’t we, at last, give up on writing?

G: That’s the eighty-twelfth time you’ve asked us that.

SN: Yes, it’s one of my favourites. Along with ‘Are we altogether too boring or are we too weird or probably both?’ Though I also enjoy-

Me: Anyway, I want to set some goals to get us writing again.

G: Yay! Goal number 1 is to roll down hills. Number 2 is balloons.

Me: I was thinking more of finishing the two novels and the novella by the end of the year.

SN: You’ll never be happy with them. I can promise you that.

Me: And blogging weekly.

SN: Why bother?

G: Cos blogs are playtime that’s made of words.

Me: And finally, catching up with my book reviews.

G: Hm. Bit homeworky.

SN: Speaking of which, aren’t you going to set any fitness goals? They always make me chuckle.

Me: Not in this blog, Sniffy.

SN: You mean we’re doing this in public, thereby setting a countdown clock for the crushing moment in which you're shamed by your inevitable failure? Then, please, press publish immediately!

G: Goal number 8 is tiny little adventures we can fit in our pockets. Goal number 9 is more pockets. Are you writing these down? Goal number 10 is-


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