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2020: my year of the magic word

Normally, each year, I project manage myself. The results have been mixed. As 2020 starts, I'm queasy about setting priorities and success factors, milestones and deadlines and specifying outcomes. Bleurgh.

Simplicity, reflection, inspiration, that's what I'm after. I'm hoping a single word might do the trick. Focal words can be mantra, or lucky word, a personal in-joke or whatever tickles Gonzo (my creative mind).

Easy-peasy: find a word that feels magical or meaningful, something to become or make or remember. I can keep it for a day or for as long as it works.

Mr Google suggests that I pick the word that pops into my head, clearly knowing less than he'd like about what goes on in there. He also offers pre-used focal words.

Thanks, but no thanks. I spent New Year’s Day browsing old books, choosing by mouthfeel and meaning and whim. Hooray! Here they are, my hopeful words for 2020. More than enough to get through January. With luck, I'll find many more as the days lengthen.

Wishing you all love, wondrous stories and giggles in 2020. May you write precisely the right words in just the right places.

*Gonzo bounces by blowing kisses*

Affiance: trust and mutual confidence.

Bespangle: to cover with sparkly, glittering things.

Bibliomancy: using a passage from a book to tell the future.

Consonance: accord or harmony – between musical notes or word sounds, between people and between thoughts and deeds.

Chevisance: a chivalrous enterprise.

Emprise: an adventurous undertaking.

Fluxion: the act or state of flowing.

Heartedness: sincerity.

Quiddity: a thing’s essence, or a peculiarity.

Mettlesome: spirited.

Neverness: the absence of, nonexistence of, freedom from time.

Omphalos: the middle point or navel of Earth.

Penthesilian: courage and impetuosity (like the Queen of the Amazonians).

Sedulous: assiduous, constant and persevering in an endeavour.

Thaumaturgy: the performance of miracles.

Found in the New English Dictionary Passing Show Edition (1932), and Roget’s Thesaurus (c 1880). Compared the definitions to the brilliant Merriam Webster online dictionary, but included the ones I like. So there.

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