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The revolution will begin with smiles

Image and words from Black/White:Read, August 2019

Photographs of rebels, daydreamers, eccentric places and the stories they've inspired.

The revolution will begin with smiles. Whoever you are, wherever you are, when you least expect but seem to need it, we will look you in the eye and we will smile at you.

The second wave will be encounters. We will greet, empathise, reassure and encourage you - without permission.

The third wave will be sharing. We will speak and sing, write and draw all the beautiful ideas. We will post them where you’ll find them - on the street, on your feed, in your inbox or through your letterbox. We will share until you start to hope.

The fourth wave will be acts of kindness. At random, we will carry, mend, plant, feed, recycle. We will create, and gift. We will change small things for the better, until you trust the world can be.

The fifth and final wave will be friendship. We hope you will join us.

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