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Ms H Takes Laurels

On Monday, Ms H overtook a younger woman on the walk uphill to the offices. She therefore expected a satisfactory day.

On Tuesday, hearing footsteps behind, and despite striding fast as she could, Ms H was passed by the girl, who persisted in staying ahead. Ms H considered the girl’s long, tanned, unfair advantages and prepared herself for an unacceptable day.

On Wednesday, Ms H wore her gym kit. She and the girl were neck and neck at the bus stop, but Mrs H took the racing line, forced her opponent into the shrubbery, and enjoyed an above average day.

On Thursday, the girl broke into a run. Ms H gave chase and downed her. Bystanders broke up the tussle with no winner. Ms H’s day was middling at best.

On Friday, Ms H sped past the girl, whose limp was surely exaggerated.

Fridays were Ms H’s favourite.

Originally published in Ad Hoc Fiction

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