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Inspiration and voice

At Winchester Writers' Festival, my new hero Meg Rosoff compared our minds to colanders. Stuff gets stuck in them.

My mind is more like an antiquarian bookshop - I'm not sure what I'll find in there, can't resist sidling between the stacks, and usually find something odd.

Added to the stacks at Winchester:

  • Inspire your readers by becoming inspired. Hunt for inspiration, in well-loved grounds and unlikely places, hoard it. (Jasper Fforde ).

  • Be intuitive. The best writing comes out without hitting the sides. Just start writing and the things that inspire you will do the rest. (Jasper Fforde).

  • “The questions I asked myself when I was 6, I am still asking myself.” (Meg Rosoff)

  • Writing is like dreaming – it lets the unconscious work. Open up a free flow from your unconscious to your conscious mind. How? Study the turning point in your life, look hard at the thing that frightens you – they are who you are. (Meg Rosoff)

  • The artist conceals the art. The writing on the page should seem to be heard, as if straight from your mouth, or a dream. (Linda Bennett - who writes as Christina James)

So I shall obey: explore, remember, dream and write.

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