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Where the stories are

You’re going to enjoy writing this story. All you need to find is:

  1. A character you need to know better e.g. weird guy in the fruit aisle, moonbeast, gadget showing signs of internal motivation.

  2. A place and time you want to hang out in (usually for longer than you’re intending to).

  3. An incident you keep thinking about: how did that happen and what happens next?

Sometimes you’ll find the three all at once. Other times you’ll meet them one by one and introduce them to each other. They might ambush you on the street or in your bed. Often they’re elusive and you have to sneak around looking for them. You might find them hiding inside:

  • The news and magazines (especially the snippets, they love lurking in the snippets).

  • Songs, even songs you’ve heard a hundred times before.

  • Architecture, photographs, fine art, graffiti and doodles.

  • Conversations (especially overheard conversations).

  • Dreams.

  • Memories (yours and any you can get hold of).

  • History, myths and memes.

Get out there or stay sub-duvet: either way you’ll find ‘em. And once you’ve written them down, even in a single scruffy line, they can’t get away again. Of course, if you don't keep an eye on them, they might breed or mutate, but that’s another story.

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