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Quick happiness hits

March 21, 2020


Being a writer, I spend lots of time alone and indoors, assailed by doubts, foreseeing an array of personal humiliations and disappointing futures.


As a result, happiness has become kind of a hobby. You’re probably as distracted as I am right now, so I’ll keep this brief - here are my top tricks for a quick happiness hit:


Crack out the fairy lights. Utmost sparkle.




Read your comfort book. Mine is The Little Prince.




Wear your favourite clothes – dress up, be a dandy or a diva or a hero, whatever works.




Write in your journal – only wonders and absurdities and wild ideas allowed.


Lie down and watch the sky and/or open your windows and listen. This works especially well if you can find a sunny stripe.




Dance, jump around, cavort, jiggle and hop.*



Find an endearing gif and send it to a lovely to make them laugh.


There are so many delicious words for happiness -  like jolly, gleeful, glad, sunny-headed, merry, mirthful, jocund, jovial,  jubilant, in high feather, cheery, chirpy, chipper, carefree, cock-a-hoop, airy, elated, perky, blithe, and buoyant - I hope you have found yours.


Wishing you tranquillity, giggles, and genius ideas.



*Live Love Party is a youtube Zumba channel I absolutely flipping love. It’s so smiley! Go see.




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